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The Best Tea Tree Essential Oils for Acne, Dandruff, Nail Fungus and more

Tea tree oil is a popular name in skin and beauty care. It has many properties that serve and makes it multi-purpose too. As we know tea tree essential oils keep the skin and hair healthy, it has other benefits too. It is the most versatile essential oil ever in the category of oils. The massive results that are achieved are huge and play a vital role in treating many sicknesses too. Let us take a look at it one by one.

Tea tree essential oils

Hand Sanitizer

This is a well-known solution these days. Yes, tea tree oil serves as a perfect sanitizer. The best part is, this is natural and no alcohol is mixed. Moreover, the antibacterial property the oil has fights bacteria and keeps your hand clean. It can kill several common bacteria. The research has shown that adding the tea tree oil to the hand wash has boosted its effectiveness altogether.

Repels Insect

This has an amazing property to chase away insects. You can use this oil in cowsheds too. The research has shown that, while using tea tree oil in such places, the insect levels are drastically low. The tea tree oil has very good properties to repel mosquitoes too. With the advent of technology and chemicals which may cause any sickness, tea tree oil serves as the safety companion in chasing the insects away.

Acts as a deodorant

As we saw it is anti-bacterial, the tea tree oil is a natural deodorant. It kills the bacteria which causes body odour and keeps you fresh. The best part is, it does not harm the skin. The underarm area has maximum bacteria and the oil acts fast and intense to cure you of such odour too. In the longer run, the formation of bacteria also stops.

Benefits of tea tree essential oils


This oil works on the skin directly and heals a lot of wounds. The anti-septic property of the oil treats even the cuts. The best part is, even the cut marks vanish by using this oil. The infection that can happen due to these wounds can be easily avoided. If you are planning to use tea tree oil on a wound, please follow this carefully

  1. Clean the wound with plain water
  2. Mix one drop of tea tree essential oils to one tablespoon of coconut oil
  3. Apply this mixture on the wound and cover it with a bandage
  4. You may repeat it the next day too but it gets cured the same day

Fights Acne

This one we know it very well. The tea tree oil can treat any type of acne and keep the face healthy. Of course, the skin is kept healthy too. Any type of scars or marks is easily removed. Ideally, tea tree oil has properties that can work directly on the skin that can help the skin be healthy all through the year.

Nail Fungus can be removed

Tea tree oil is anti-fungal. It acts on the nail fungus effectively and instantly. It can be used alone or also as a mixture. The natural approach is the best for such infections. The healing properties of the tea tree oil bring the dirt out easily and keep your nail healthy. A few drops of this oil can do wonders.


Oh yes, it is perfect dental care. It kills any type of bacteria in the mouth. This is highly natural and also highly recommended. The research has shown that tea tree oil treats the bad odour very effectively than any other chemical products that we find in the market. The most important aspect is, tea tree oil can do the job in seconds.

Clean the surfaces

The tea tree oil not only works on the body but also on the surfaces. You can use this oil to clean the surface of a table or a floor. It cleans the entire surface with the utmost care that it stops the formation of bacteria eventually. You can use this daily to have massive results. A few drops of tea tree oil in a bucket of water can do the job for you.

Soothes skin inflammation

This is the best part of tea tree oil. Any type of skin inflammation can be easily treated with the help of tea tree essential oils. It acts deep within and also gives a cooling effect to the face. It is highly effective than any of the standard medications.

Dandruff Control

This acts on the hair and removes any broken scalp. This plays a vital role in clearing dandruff from the hair. Clear hair is what you want, you must use tea tree essential oils for massive results. The significant improvement in this can also make your hair healthy. It is highly recommended to use tea tree oil as a shampoo and get its benefits instantly.

The 10 Best Tea Tree Essential Oils for Multiple Benefits

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