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How to Get Rid of a Pimple in an Hour? Effective Ways to Do it

Acnes and pimples are a part of almost everyone’s life. They come and go over and over again but it mostly depends on the age factor and environmental factors as well. But the situation turns to get worse when a red large scintillating pimple appears on your skin just before you are ready to be present in an important occasion, function, or in a meeting. Sometimes, stress and hormonal changes seem to bring noticeable pimples on the faces irrespective of gender. But, it has been suggested that there is nothing to worry about when you come across any pimple when you are all set to be present somewhere. So, in this article, we are going to talk about some important and effective tips on how to get rid of a pimple in an hour.

How to Get Rid of a Pimple in an Hour

Stop touching your face and pimple:

The very first tip to get rid of this unwanted pimple is to stop touching it persistently. Touching it, again and again, may enlarge your pimple and thereby may cause it to look very noticeable and ugly. Touching the spot over and over again may harm your skin and making it look very odd.

There is no magic but a cube of ice and a paper towel and concealer can do wonders:

Are you in a hurry and just come across an ugly pimple? A cube of ice, a paper towel, preparation H, some pore strips, and a concealer are all set to do wonders in the last few minutes. You just need to wash your face with clean hands and mild soap. You must ensure that you do not rub your face and pimple, just pat dry it. Now, you have got what all is needed. Now, wrap the ice in your paper towel and place the ice-wrapped towel right on the top of your pimple for straight five minutes. You need to repeat the same three times, each for 5 minutes by having a break for a few seconds in between each session.

Now, you will notice, there is a considerable difference in the density of your pimple. It has most probably shrunk now. If the pimple seems to be so stubborn, you can put a small pimple-sized dab of preparation H on it. Make sure you avoid touching it even if the temptation is high. Now, you still have 15-20 minutes left to apply concealer on your pimple or your face. Now, you are all set to go wherever you were supposed to visit. At night, just don’t forget to remove your make-up and concealer otherwise the results can be disastrous the very next morning when you get up.

Though, there are a lot of other pimple corrective treatments but when you have got only 1 hour to treat them, described above is the best effective way possible to treat your pimples in the last hour.

To Conclude

Though getting rid of a pimple in an hour may seem tricky and sound impossible, still if things are done in a proper way and methods to be used efficiently, results can be amazing. These ice and towel methods seem to do wonders especially when acne or a pimple suddenly attacks your cheeks in the last hour of going somewhere. So, this is the best way to treat and get rid of your pimple in an hour. Just make sure that you treat your pimple in the right way and avoid touching your skin unnecessarily especially when you have to go somewhere.